Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Vintage Hastings.

Old House in Hastings-2

Good morning from a wet windy, stormy Hastings day.  Apparently it rained heavily last night – didn’t hear a thing.  I do know that England is under water and I hope everyone is safe, warm and dry up there.

This week Cee wants our buildings in black & white.  So here are some of the older houses in the area around where I live.  If you see scratches and dust marks – that is deliberate.  I wanted a truly vintage feel to the images.

Old House in Hastings

Old House in Hastings-4

Old House in Hastings-3







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19 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Vintage Hastings.”

  1. These are wonderful Raewyn; they really capture the New Zealand that I love. I especially like the first shot; the dining table on the porch is brilliant! The rain is just beginning here and I’ve had the Civil Defense warning on my phone. Not looking great for a trip to the Botanic Gardens for me today. Stay safe.


  2. What lovely houses. The first one could be in any small town in the USA. I’m curious, in the third photo are those pieces of wood supposed to be a fence? The photographs are wonderful.


  3. Love those little gingerbread houses! I always wanted one of my own.

    It has been pouring here, too. Yesterday there was a HAIL storm in Phoenix! That’s never happens. Dry riverbeds that haven’t held water for years are running. Not typical southwestern weather here.


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