WPC: A Weight on Its Shoulders

Weight on your shoulders

Good morning from a calmer Hastings day.  Yesterday was scary – I did manage to get out for a walk but it was hot, humid , windy and very uncomfortable.  But that was nothing compared to some of the passengers on flights trying to land in windy Wellington.  In the end the flights were diverted.  Plus I know that a lot of England are under water and some have lost homes and possessions – a big call out to Steve who is keeping me up to date with what is happening in Aberdeen, Scotland. So keep warm and dry.

This week Ben Huberman from  The Daily Post   has asked us for our weighty or weightless images. This photo was taken yesterday on my walk.  There is this most amazing garden.  A real oasis down this street.  I was walking along the other day taking photos as I do, when the owner came out.  Normally this would mean taking off in a hurry, or being chased.  But he was very nice and said he didn’t mind me taking photos of his garden.  Yesterday his wife said I could wander around in it to take photos.  That I won’t do.  Anyway there was this statue hiding at the back of the garden.  It doesn’t look happy holding up that bowl.  I bet it would just love to dump it.  After all there is another bird bath there.


We’ve Got A Floater…

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)




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17 thoughts on “WPC: A Weight on Its Shoulders”

  1. Are you kidding? If I had permission to wander, I’d be all over that garden. 🙂 Enjoyed the photo, though. (Just an FYI from a grammar nerd. The “its” in your title doesn’t need that apostrophe.) 🙂


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