Travel Theme: Charming the Ladies Routine

Singing Chaffinch

Good morning from another hot Hastings day.  Yesterday at 5 PM it was still 32.5 degrees celsius.  Overnight it is still 20 degrees celsius – not to mention the humidity.  Hard to sleep.  Just a short post today and I will try and get around everyone’s wonderful blogs later.

ailsapm has given us the challenge of getting back into a routine now that the holidays are over for her Where’s my backpack?  Travel Theme.

Yesterday I went for a walk in the park to see what damage had been done from the heavy winds on Friday.  There were leaves everywhere and one tree had lost a large branch.  But among all the winds and leaves I was serenaded by this chaffinch going through it’s morning routine of chatting up his lady friend as well as the odd preening.

Singing Chaffinch-2

It was lovely to hear and very calming and peaceful.

Singing Chaffinch-3

All puffed up to impress.

Travel theme: Routine

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