Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water

Good morning from a cool and cloudy Hastings day.

I had a good day yesterday at the market despite the heat and wind.  So I am happy. I dressed up in my beaded dress and that seemed to attract people to my stand.  It is only a month away from the Art Deco weekend so people are looking for ideas.

Anyway a big thanks to Cee Neuner  who featured my post last week of the petal hearts.


This photo was taken Saturday. It is funny how you can walk past trees and not really notice what is around you.  This time my eyes were on the ground due to all the debris from the wind the day before.  And I found this odd shaped root.  To me, anyway, it looks like a fish rising out of the water with it’s mouth open.  Maybe it has been caught. Well I caught it with my camera.


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