Travel Theme: Glossy Still Life

Glossy Jar in Still Life-

Good morning from humid and drizzly day here in Hastings.  The forecasted thunderstorms didn’t come, but the heavy rains did.  I have read that Great Britain has had a massive storm hit them, Sydney in Australia had another massive storm, as well as here in the North Island here.  So I hope everyone is safe and dry and warm as the case may be.

Anyway, another short post today – off to the markets again.  Hopefully the rain means people are coming down to the market for something to do.  It is only a few weeks now from the Art Deco Weekend so I am focusing on my Art Deco jewelry and clothing.  I need the money – for new tyres for the car.

Onto ailsapm‘s Travel Theme challenge this week for her blog

Where’s my backpack? which is Gloss.

So a quick search came up with this fabulous glossy bottle in this still life. This was taken last year at my Social Snapper’s Christmas morning.  Before we did some eating I found this lovely blue bottle with hydrangeas so we did some still life photography.

Glossy Jar-

I love the shine on it.

Travel theme: Gloss

Sorry I have to go- everyone have a great day/night etc.

Take care

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