Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Scattered Seed Pods

Scattered Seed Pods-

Good morning from a cloudy and cool Hastings day.  Yesterday it was very quiet at the market – I didn’t do too well, but most of us didn’t do well.  Just enough to cover the cost of the stall and no more.  But – Saturday is Waitangi Day – our national day and it is a huge day so hopefully I will do well then.  What did sell was all to do with Art Deco so that is promising. I do love going in my Art Deco clothes – rather like dressing up (as a child again).  One tourist took a photo of me……..

Thanks to Cee Neuner for awarding me the featured blogger award for my post last week.


Much appreciated.

So onto Cee Neuner‘s Oddball Challenge.  I am somewhat frustrated at the moment as I am still in a moon boot.  Last week I had to have more x-rays but luckily no broken bones.  Just a severe sprain.  This means my photo expeditions are at a standstill.  But I have found photos to take around me. And this is some discarded and dried out seed pods that are being blown around the neighbourhood and ended up next to my front steps.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 5

Wacky Postal Employee

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