Cee’s Oddball Challenge: A Groovy Chick

Groovy Chick - cool girl-

Good morning from another warm and humid Hastings day.

I hope those living around Pennsylvania are keeping warm.  I saw on the news that there was a big freeze on.  Just thinking of you.

So it is Monday today – time for Cee Neuner‘s great challenge of highlighting those oddball photos we have fulling up our hard drives.  As I was going through looking for my Colour Your World colours I came across these photos.  Great for my Inch Worm Green colour.  But also fun at the same time.

Last year after one of my Social Snappers outing we went back to the centre for a coffee.  One of the mugs had this decoration on it.  So I got out my phone and just took lots of photos – as you do.

Groovy Chick-

And this was on the back.  Well I am a groovy chick anyway.


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 7

Tonight’s Forecast




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