Sally D’s Mobile Photogra[hy Challenge: Freedom


Good morning from a cooler Hastings day.  The nights are definitely getting longer.  The sun getting up later.  So autumn is on it’s way.  I took my son out for a driving lesson yesterday and I noticed the leaves just starting to change colour.  So spring will be on the way for my northern hemisphere friends.

So to celebrate late summer here in New Zealand I have some photos of this roller blader showing off after I asked his permission to photograph him and post online.

Freedom 1-

No editing for a change.  The weather was perfect and I was so happy with what I ended up with.
Freedom 2-

I had a lot of choice this time. So these are my favourites.

Perfect for this great challenge hosted by lensandpensbysally. This being the fourth Monday in  February (next Monday is Leap Day)

Thanks for visiting.

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