Travel Theme: The Early Bird Catches the Sunrise

Sunrise 27.02.2016 1-

Good morning from a dark but still hot and humid Hastings.  I am up early as I have to go to the market in Otane.  This means catching the sunrise and the golden hour.  The most frustrating thing about driving down through the hills is the beautiful views I see and not being able to stop and take photos.

But yesterday, before I even managed to have my early morning cup of coffee:


I noticed a beautiful sunrise.  So this time, I did manage to comb my hair (the day before I had some serious bed hair) and dragged my dressing gown on, picked up the camera to go down the road to take these photos of the sunrise.

Sunrise 27.02.2016-

It was beautiful.

Sunrise 27.02.2016 3-

And lasted for ever.

It was definitely worth getting up early for, and putting off my coffee.

Sorry I haven’t been around to everyone’s blogs but have to go soon, and yesterday I had a lot to do. But I will get around to everyone  tomorrow.

This is for Ailsa’s challenge over at:

Travel theme: Early