Travel Theme: Squared in Hastings

Hidden Squares-

Ailsa has asked us for our photos of squares. So first up I was taken by this garden sculpture with the way the arm is forming a square over it’s head which is then matched with the square trellis.

Hidden Squares in Clock Tower-

Then there are the squares in our clock tower.

Square Shadows-

Finally there are these square shadows in this garden.

Sunday for me now, so I can’t hang around as I have to go to the market.

So have a nice weekend everyone and catch up with you later.

WPC : Harmony in Nature

At One With Nature-

Michelle W. was wowed by some music and loved all the harmonies that the musicians were able to bring together.

Of course, harmony also has a meaning outside of the world of music: “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.” I look forward to seeing harmony — a photo that is, or makes you feel harmonious — through your eyes.

There is always harmony in nature. The softness of the gerbera petals in the soft light.

At One With Nature 1-

Listening to the soft gurgling of a small fountain or brook is harmony to the soul.

At One With Nature 2-

I could sit and watch goldfish for hours on end – so peaceful and serene.

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