WPC: A Dancing Blackbird

Dancing Blackbird-

Good morning from a dark Hastings day.  Yes, I am up before dawn.  I have to go and help my father at another market.  I think that I have shown a photo of him with his wooden toys that he makes.  He does a few markets a year and today is a big market day at Maraekakaho so I need to go along to help as Mum has deteriorated and doesn’t know what money is anymore.  I am taking a few things of my own, so hopefully I will be able to make some money too.

Anyway today Ben Huberman is fascinated by dancing this week.

It can be the organized chaos of a subway platform at rush hour, with hundreds of people making their way in and out of trains without missing a beat. Sometimes it’s a team of cooks frenetically at work in a restaurant’s open kitchen, or a flock of puffins swimming in tandem with the precision of a corps de ballet.

Or it can be palm trees in the California desert, swaying and rustling on a recent afternoon after a surprise storm shook them out of their midday stupor.

When I was out in the garden with my Social Snappers group we came across this blackbird.  It was dancing around in the leaves catching worms.  Which I have just noticed just after I had uploaded this image.

So have a nice day.  I will try and catch up with everyone soon.