Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Hawke’s Bay Scenery

Hawke's Bay Scenery 1-

Good morning from another balmy autumn day here in Hastings.

Last Sunday my son drove me down to Otane to the market.  His driving is good now so I felt comfortable enough to have my cellphone out to take photos of the countryside.  I was in 7th heaven basically, our local scenery is breathtaking.

These are edited just in Snapseed and I wanted to give them a wet plate look – as if these photos were taken a century ago.

Hawke's Bay Scenery 2-42

Hawke's Bay Scenery-

I really wanted that timeless feel.

I have a lot of photos to chose from now for the mobile challenge hosted by lensandpensbysally.

Thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Hawke’s Bay Scenery”

  1. Raewyn, autumn is such a spectacular season. By the way, I always enjoy that you tell us your daily weather. Your images have that vintage quality, and each has “breathtaking” appeal. I really like your post processing. As you have probably noticed, I am a devoted fan of Snapseed. You definitely got that “timeless” character. Happy Photo Challenge.


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