One Word Photo Challenge: Hospital Blankets

Hospital Blankets-

Good morning from a warm Hastings day.  Yes I am back from Wellington.  I had a fabulous time with my daughter and her flatmate.  Lots of laughter, and lots of walking – phew.  But more importantly, lots of new photos – 99% non flowers.  Needed a break from my florals.

Anyway we went to Te Papa, our national museum.  Peter Jackson and Weta Workshops has put on this big display showing our involvement at Gallipoli.  It was very sobering and emotional to go through.  As an ex-nurse I was interested in this hospital ship and the role that nurses played in looking after our wounded soldiers.

This photo is a mock up of an hospital ship showing how the men were looked after in different levels according to rank.

This is for Jennifer Nichole Wells‘s prompt this week, which is blankets – lots of hospital blankets here.

I will catch up with everyone at some point but have lots to do.


Thanks for visiting.

20 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Hospital Blankets”

  1. Hi! Glad you enjoyed your visit with daughter and friends. 🙂 It can be tiring, but a change always seems to invigorate.
    I did look at the Te Papa site and am sure it was very interesting and would take more than one visit to see it all.


  2. I’m so happy you had a wonderful time with your daughter. Love that there was laughter and fun:) This is a serious photograph and it always makes me feel bad that things, even sick/wounded are treated accordion to RANK. There shouldn’t be any rank anywhere. That’s what wrong with the world. Privilege. Privilege will be the death of us.


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