Travel Theme: A Refreshing Drink

A Refreshing Drink-761

Good morning from a dark Hastings morning.  Daylight saving finished last night.  So now we are headed for winter.  But our days are still mild.  The opposite to what ailsapm is having over at her blog Where’s my backpack?. And this week’s prompt is ‘Refreshing’

Well I am going to bore you with some more photos from Wellington.  It was warm down there, warmer than I remember from every other trip to our capital.  So the lines for this mobile coffee stand was rather long.

A Refreshing Drink-736

Others lounged around with their refreshments, while enjoying the lovely day.

A Refreshing Drink-

Finally I just had to add this photo from the zoo.  It was a very warm day at the zoo.  So I managed to get this kangaroo drinking some refreshing water.

Travel theme: Refreshing

Thanks for visiting.  I have to go now – market day for me.



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