Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Manawatu Landscapes

Manawatu Countryside-3090

Manawatu Countryside-3091

Manawatu Countryside-3092

Good morning from a cooler and wetter Hastings day.

A bit different from the day I caught the bus back from Wellington.  The weather was lovely and I was determined to get some landscapes.  I took the bus as I would still be driving down there – I would be stopping all the time to take photos – as you do.  But I did get a few misses, but a few hits.

I wanted to get typical photos of our landscapes, while the last image is of the Manawatu Gorge which is stunning but there is nowhere to stop for photos. I edited them with Snapseed and Distressed FX.

Great for this week’s nature week for lensandpensbysally‘s mobile challenge.

I must dash and catch up with you all later.  Our house is being fumigated today for an ant infestation.  So have a lot to do.

Cheers and thanks for visiting.



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