WPC: An Uncertain Future

Uncertain Future 1-04

Good morning from a cold, wet Hastings day.

Yesterday I took my Social Snappers group to Cornwall Park.  I haven’t been there for ages due to my broken foot.  So it was nice to get there again to see some autumn colours.  What surprised us was seeing this mother duck and her very young ducklings.

Uncertain Future 2-04

Jen H. from The Daily Post has asked us for our future photos.

One of the glorious things about photography is that it enables us to take a moment of our present, and make it available to look on in meticulous detail in the future. This week, share with us your interpretation of future.

So while we were admiring the cuteness of these ducklings I was aware that their future was very uncertain. Already other ducks were starting to attack them as well as the cold weather is definitely coming.  So sad, but such is nature.

Uncertain Future-04

At least we had a lot of fun enjoying them in the present.


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