Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Camouflaged Fungi and Dandelion

Camouflaged Dandelion-

Good morning from another cool but gloriously sunny Hastings day.

Today was the last day for me, here in the future for the Colour Your World Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells.  120 days of posting a different colour every day.  I missed some of the colours first time around, but did them all this time.  I will miss this.  It has been interesting reading about the different colours and learning about the colour hues as well.  I have loved seeing all the different posts as well. So thank you Jennifer.

Cee's Black & White Featured post

A big thanks to Cee for featuring my post from last week which you can catch up with here.  I really appreciate Cee’s support and recognition – she is a fabulous photographer and runs several great challenges so go and check her blog out.

This week the prompt is camouflaged or hiding objects, things or animals.

So first up is this dandelion hiding among the grasses.

Camouflaged Fungi-

Then I found these black, camouflaged fungi of some sort in my parent’s garden.  They look just like stones or bark, but were definitely not.

Camouflaged Fungi 1-

And then these mushrooms hiding in the grass at Parkowhai Park.  I am on the hunt for mushrooms at the moment.  It being late autumn we are having some very heavy dews so that they are everywhere.  The only thing is that I must look a sight bending over with my derriere up in the air for everyone to see.  Now that I have my remote working I think I will just place the camera on the ground and use that instead.  It will save my dignity anyway.

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Hiding or Camouflage

Carol Carlisle

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