Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: Around Hastings

Family of Bags
Family of Bags

Good morning from a warmish and sunny Hastings day.

Yes, I am back.  After a few days of no food it is nice to be able to eat again.  I think I must have slept most of the day on Saturday, while yesterday I started to feel a lot better.  I was given some electrolyte solution – when you are feeling sick this didn’t make it any better.  So I sent my son out for some sports drink – I managed those a lot better.  So now I can get back to normal.  Thanks to all those good wishes and likes on my photos.  I really appreciate them all.

So onto Cee‘s Oddball Challenge where we showcase our photos that we like, but they just don’t fit into a category.  So here are some more colourful photos from around the CBD here in Hastings.

First up is father bag, mother bag and two children.  All tied together so that they don’t get lost.

Hopeful for some rain
Hopeful for some rain

Some sturdy umbrellas.


Colourful silk flowers
Colourful silk flowers

And some colourful silk flowers with glitter on them.


Photos by Emilio


Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 20

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9 thoughts on “Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: Around Hastings”

  1. congratulations on being featured in Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge this week. I really like the bag family, very clever presentation. The umbrellas and the silk flowers are fun, too… 🙂


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