WPC Challenge: Some Wonders of this Earth in Hastings, NZ

Raindrops on Roses-237

Good morning from a cool, foggy autumn day here in Hastings.

The last few days have been dull and somewhat wet with a light drizzle.  Yet perfect weather for getting some lovely raindrops on roses type photos.  I have a few to show you here from my Social Snappers group yesterday.  We just wandered around the Heretaunga Women’s centre for some lovely earthy photos.  Perfect for this .weeks challenge prompt by Jen H.

On this day, between the global Earth Day celebration, and Mother’s Day in the United States, share your vision of our glorious Mother Earth.

So here are some more photos from yesterday.  I had my 3oo mm lens which was superb in the low light.


Feeding the Bees 2-126

Feeding the Bees-099

We need to plant more flowers to encourage our bees.  Mankind will not really survive if we lose our bees.

Earth's Cleansing Rains-055

I love the way the earth looks after the rain, and the air is so much clearer.

Changing Seasons-262

And the changing colours of the earth.  Finally we are starting to see some autumn colours here in Hastings.

The Daily Post: Earth Day

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Faces at the Zoo

Make sure you get my best side-

Good morning from a humid day here in Hastings.  It is still dark so I don’t know what the weather will be like.  I have to make a decision as to where we will be going for my Social Snappers group.   I have found  a new heritage trail I want to explore but it might be that we will just be around the centre today.

Anyway onto something a bit more intersting.  Cee‘s black & white challenge.  This week it is heads (not tails) so I went back to my zoo images.

Fierce Cheetah-

A fierce cheetah’s face.

You make a good pillow-

This otter was more interested in sleeping.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Heads or Faces


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Puss Puss and Socks

That feels sooooo good 1-

That feels soooo good.

What are you staring at 1-

What are you staring at?

My revenge 1-

My revenge!!! I believe that is your camera bag!

Food is more interesting 1-

Food is more important.

Good morning from a cool Hastings morning.  I have just been outside yet again.  I sit at the computer and I see the beautiful light and colours of the clouds in the sky and my fingers get itchy.  So, of course, I have to go out to capture this glorious start to the day.

Anyway onto Cee‘s Fun Foto Challenge.  So to make my post a bit more fun I have done a little photo story.

Puss Puss has settled in well with my parents.  She is very shy of strangers, i.e. those with cameras poking out at them.  It is always a challenge for me to get some good photos of her.  Especially when she is scratching herself and moves so fast.  But she got her revenge attacking my camera bag.

And Socks – he was more interested in his food.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pets

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One Word Photo Challenge: Zorba Bubbles

Giant Bubbles-

Good morning from yet another sunny Hastings day.  It isn’t that cold as I have just been out in my tartan pjs taking photos of the sunrise. Only got seen by one man and his dog – they crossed the road when they saw me coming……….

This week Jennifer has given us the word bubble.  So here are some big zorba bubbles taken at the Maraekahaho Market Day earlier this year.  They fascinated me – I loved the way that they glistened in the sun.  It was hard to capture that look so I had to do a bit of helping along with Nik Collection.


One Word Photo Challenge: Bubbles

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