One Word Photo Challenge: Camel Sands

Camel Sands-

Good evening from a freezing cold Hastings day. (Or evening as it now is).  I can image people around the world are just starting to wake up to the new day.  So good morning to you.

I had to think all day about what image to use for this prompt.  Camel.  I haven’t any photos of camels at all.  So after thinking about it long and hard I searched my archives and came up with this image of a dry log in the sand and dry grass.  I was thinking of dry deserts and sand where camels live.


One Word Photo Challenge: Camel

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3 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Camel Sands”

  1. I was reminded of a game or something like a game played by two. One gives a word and the other says the first thing that pops in their mind. No fair thinking about it. Lose a point if you don’t respond in 3 seconds.
    I don’t think this game is very popular. lol It doesn’t come in a box. 😉

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