Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge; Nature’s Clouds

Nature at it's best-

Monday (Tuesday for me) is time for this great challenge hosted  by Sally where we get to showcase our images shot with our mobile devices.  Showcasing Nature is the first week of the month.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago with my iPhone 6S on the way back from Otane.  I couldn’t resist this and it was so much better on my phone than my Nikon. There is very little editing – just increased the clarity to highlight the cloud formations.

Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: Nature

This is also for Nancy’s challenge too this week.

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Animal Friend of the Week: Cotton Top Tamarins

Cotton Top Tamarins-

Good morning from a cold and dark Hastings morning. Yes, I am up before the sun today.  I have my painting class and then after that I am teaching some basic Photoshop skills.

Anyway here is another endangered species for my Animal Friend this week.  As I am researching the animals I find it so sad that these beautiful creatures are endangered due to us humans taking over their habitats for the sake of the almighty dollar.

In the wild

IUCN: Critically endangered

Cotton Top Tamarins are only found in Colombia and are one of the most endangered primates due to habitat loss, with only an estimated 6,000 in the wild.

Wellington Zoo supports Proyecto Titi, a conservation project in Colombia focused on saving the Cotton-top Tamarins and their wild habitats.

Wellington Zoo

They are just sooooooo adorable.

Animal Friend of the Week Challenge Logo-

I want to showcase our animal kingdom.  It runs from Tuesday New Zealand time and is weekly.  You can join in anytime at all over the week.  You can post your furry friends (babies), wild animals, birds, insects and butterflies.  Even reptiles are welcome.

Just use this logo and link back to this blog.

I look forward to seeing all the different animals around the world

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