WPC: Pure Moments in Nature

Pure Moments-

Good morning from a warmer and sunny Hastings day.

This week  from The Daily Post has given us the prompt to showcase what pure means to us.

To start with I love sunrises and every Sunday I drive down to the market when the sun is coming up.  It is hard to concentrate on the driving when the scenery is pure magic.  Especially when it is freezing and misty.  Last week I wasn’t the only photographer on the road.

Pure Moments 1-

I love finding new places around Hastings and this park has just been opened for the public – again the air was pure and still for this reflection.

Pure Moments 2-

Another favourite spot of mine is Pekapeka Wetlands. I am on my own when I go so it is pure magic again to find these wonderful reflections of our wonderful countryside.

Pure Moments 4-

Finding the pure rose is a bonus in winter.

Pure Moments 3-

And then ending the day with another pure moment when the sun goes down.

Thanks for visiting.

The Daily Post: Pure


13 thoughts on “WPC: Pure Moments in Nature”

  1. Your first pictures looks like some of my own favorites. There’s something about the road and the wires that gives you a sense of distance … “the road goes ever on and on …” Beautiful shots, all of them!


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