Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White Abstract & Still Life

Abstract Embroidery-

Food morning from a frosty, misty Hastings day.  It is the winter solstice so I headed out at a leisurely hour to take some sunrise images which I have already posted.  So now the days for us for start to get longer again. But we have had a very mild and rather dry winter so far – I should be careful about writing that – chances are we will get the storm that has been battery eastern Australia.  So take care everyone.

So being in the future here, it is Tuesday which means it is time for the mobile device challenge hosted by Sally, which this week is black & white.  So my first image is an abstract of some fabric macro.  I was just playing around with the editing on my iPad to see what I could come up with.  I can’t remember what app I used though.

B & White Still life-

It could well be Aviary.  This image was a photo I took at my painting class.  We were painting in monochrome and I hadn’t finished so I took a photo of it in black & white and then edited it – the borders means it was Aviary. At least for the final editing.

Sorry, due to being out taking photos I am running really late, I mean really late today. So will catch up with you all later.

Sally D’s Mobile Challenge: Black & White

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5 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White Abstract & Still Life”

  1. Reawyn, it’s such an oddity. Here I am about to celebrate the summer solstice and you the winter one. We get the longest day of the year (17 hours of light) and you the shortest day (at least you can start seeing more daylight soon). I find it hard to pick a favorite this week. I enjoyed the abstraction, and the monochrome made it even bolder. Your still life works so well in monochrome. Happy Photo Challenge.


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