One Word Photo Challenge: Final Work of Art

Cardboard images-

Good morning from a warmer and wetter Hastings day.  It is now 7.30 AM and it is still dark.  So yesterday we had the winter solstice so now, our days should be slowly getting longer and the nights shorter. So far it hasn’t been to bad this winter.  But it really is early days yet.  I have been reading of fires in California, storms in Australia and gypsy moth invasions in Massachusetts so I am grateful to be living here.

So, onto this weeks challenge hosted by Jennifer.  This got me a bit stumped until I remembered that I have finally finished my artwork for our local Fruitgrower’s Association art competition just yesterday – I hand it in sometime this week.

It is called ‘Blossom to Table” and is made up of photos edited in my usual vintage way and then printed on some cardboard, before I painted over them with acrylic paints.

Cardboard images 1-

The work didn’t quite end up as I envisaged.  The branch that I had, didn’t dry out enough in time so it was quite heavy to use.  So I found another piece of aged wood and then brought some wider burlap.  I sewed them together and then punched holes in the cardboard images (the needle would go through the cardboard) and sewed them onto the burlap.  I wanted a vintage feel to the work as a whole.

Cardboard images 2-

I have posted these images on my Monochrome of the Day.  But seeing them printed out and then painted has really brought them alive.

Now I have to pack them up to hand in.  Wish me luck.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cardboard

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5 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Final Work of Art”

  1. This is absolutely stunning, Raewyn!!! Oh how I LOVE this! You put so much time and effort into this and it shows, believe me!! I hope you win! You deserve to!!! ❤


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