Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: A stroll around Pakowhai Park

Pakowhai Park Paths-

Good morning from a very wet, windy and cold Hastings day.  As promised the very heavy rain arrived yesterday afternoon.  Not as bad as Auckland though.  They had torrential rain and flooding.  So thinking of you all up there.  We need the rain here so I shouldn’t really complain.

Anyway onto drier days and a stroll down the paths at Pakowhai Park for Cee’s fun photo challenge.

This park just has to be a favourite spot of mine.  I love hearing the native bird song and just the greeness, even in winter as you can see here.

Pakowhai Park Paths 1-

Everytime I walk down this path I am always fascinated how the light shines through, gravitating the wanderer towards that wonderful place in the distance.

Pakowhai Park Paths 2-

And this is the lower path, following the stream.

Pakowhai Park Paths 3-

As you can.  The skies were a deep blue which was reflected in the water.

Pakowhai Park Paths 4-

As you can see the path has been walked on a lot, showing how popular this is.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Paths


Must dash.  Have to teach sewing today.

Thanks for visiting.

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