A Photo a Week Challenge: Hastings Clock Tower by Night

Hastings Clock Tower by Night-

One night I had to go to my doctor.  As it is winter it was dark.  So I was keen on getting some photos of Hastings CBD by night.  I managed to get some photos while my son was getting rather impatient ( he is my chauffeur while he practices for his licence).  So I then went back to the car.  Except it was the wrong car, and I couldn’t understand why someone was sitting in the passenger seat.  Oops.  My son was in hysterics over it. I had to laugh too.

Anyway here is our clock tower by night.  Very impressive too. Not quite a good quality as it was taken on my iPhone 6S

A Photo a Week: Clocks

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WPC: Partners in Nature

Partners in Nature-

Good morning from a cooler but sunny Hastings day.

Yesterday I took our Social Snappers group to our local library, which just happens to be right next to the centre, along with our art gallery.

What I noticed about my photos when I uploaded them, was how many of the photos I took had pairs in them.  Perfect for this challenge hosted by The Daily Post.

This week, share an image of partners. A pair, a trio, a sextet; people, buildings, plants — whatever you choose to shoot, give us subjects that are in tune with one another.

Partners in Nature 2-

Here are just a couple of them.

Partners in Nature 1-

The Daily Post: Partners

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Florals

Black & White Blooms 2-

Good morning from a warmish, sunny day here in Hastings.

This week is an easy post for me.  Or well, maybe not.  More of a case of where to start with my florals for Cee’s challenge.

So first up is some yukkas in the rain.

Black & White Blooms 1-

Then some artificial flowers left at the cenotaph on ANZAC day.

Black & White Blooms-

And finally this poppy in the rain.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Flowers