WPC: Opposites

Opposites 2

Good morning from a very cold and chilly morning – lots of frost and ice.  At least no rain.

This week  has asked us for our images of opposites –

 In your photo this week, show how opposites can tell a story about people, places, or objects. The tension can reside in what you choose to show — old vs. new, big vs. small, dark vs. light — or in how you frame and design your shot. I look forward to seeing your entries!

Yesterday my Social Snappers group wandered around the CBD here in Hastings to see what kind of reflections we could find in any puddles still around.  As you can see we did find a very large puddle with some great reflections.  So this first image shows a car wheel opposite it’s reflection.

Opposites 1

I like the opposite feel in this image – dead leaf versus the evergreen of the lavender bush, or even green opposite orange. Or large opposite small.


And this last one – man made object – the steel bar and line, opposite the spider web.  Also straight lines opposite the curved and random lines of the web.

The Daily Post: Opposite

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