WPC: Looking Skywards

Havelock North, Anderson Park 661@0,1x

Good morning from a very wet and soggy Hastings morning.  The rain stopped last night around 8 PM.  That was a relief.  There was a lot of surface flooding and I had an interesting experience driving through some mud.  My Social Snappers group went to the showgrounds to see our paintings that we had entered for the Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers Association. That was under the grandstand and dry which meant a lot of people were there to shelter from the rain.  And to stand near the huge heaters.  We didn’t hang around for too long.  Then we had to drive through the mud to get out.  Such a rural experience.

Anyway onto drier and colder times at Havelock North.   has given us the prompt of looking up to find something new.

For this week’s challenge, take a moment to look up. Whether it’s the fan above your head at work, your bedroom ceiling, or the night sky, what do you see? Is it familiar? Or does it show you a new perspective on your surroundings?

When I am out and about, especially in the parks I am always looking up for bird life.  I listen out for their bird song, and then I look up to see if there is any movement before zooming in on them.

Havelock North, Anderson Park 171@0,1x

Such as this native New Zealand bird, the tui.

Havelock North, Anderson Park 785@0,1x

And of course a fantail.


And finally this harrier hawk over our orchards.

The Daily Post: Look Up

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