Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White Impressions


Good morning from a frosty but so far sunny Hastings day.

I have discovered Pixlr, a great editing programme – free which is even better.  There are apps for both phone and iPad.  I have downloaded a desktop version on my computer.  My eyesight is not what it used to be.  I also have a 32″ TV hooked up to my computer – now that really makes me look more carefully at my photos. And so editing any photos is more fun.

This week for Sally’s mobile photography challenge I have been having fun with this software.  I took these photos last week with this week in mind.  I love interesting clouds and bare wintering trees are always a bonus. And taking my inspiration from Sally this week with her photo montages I went a bit crazy.


I can’t remember what preset filters I used but did add some overlays to make the images more interesting.  There is also a great selection of borders too. I just used a negative border for these. When I am processing an image I just go with how I feel, writing everything down would just detract me from going in the direction I want.

I was going for a more artistic look than I usually do.  What do you think?

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Black & White

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