Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Proud to be GE Free

Organic Vegetables

Good morning from a cool but clearing morning here in Hastings.  The best kind of weather – it rains during the night and then it clears up for the day.  And it was heavy rain, which is desperately needed.  All is good.

Anyway, on Sundays I go down to Otane to the market there.  Sales are definitely picking up for me, which is great.  I am the Social Media Queen.  This means I go around to all the stalls and take photos to post on our Facebook page.  Thanks to this the visitor numbers have increased.  Also I have EFTPOS facilities too, i.e. electronic funds transfer.  This was good as last week the market’s own machine went down.  So after doing all this I have to transfer the money over to the other stall holders.

Taking photos of the stalls is a tricky business.  The stall holders themselves do not want their photos taken.  So it is a matter of arranging the composition a bit more creatively – i.e. taking photos on an angle or such like.  I do take my big camera with me, but I generally use my cellphone so I can post directly to Facebook.

Soooo, one of the stalls sells certified GE Free, organic vegetables at a very reasonable cost.  Andrew, the stall holder is rough and ready, very rural and he arranges his stall in a very rustic manner.  As you can see in this photo (edited in Pixlr of course). Last week it actually snowed a little. And Andrew ended up inside as he had had enough of the freezing winds. So that when I took this photo it was soft and nostalgic looking with the light filtering through the window.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Nature

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12 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Proud to be GE Free”

  1. Pixar is such a joy to use. It’s wonderful to learn about your role in the farmer’s market. I attend one every Sunday in my small town. Enjoyed the capture, and it looks as though it’s squash. So it must be autumn in NZ. Happy Photo Challenge.


  2. All the farms in the valley are organic. Our local dairy farm is what I consider excessively organic as the milk is neither homogenized OR pasteurized. Of course, I’m not a big fan of milk in any form. The eggs are great — and inexpensive. I think the reason the valley is so organic is because the aquifer is so close to the surface almost everywhere and people are — with good reason — very concerned about anything that might leech into the soil.

    Also, to get a certificate allowing you to sell unpasteurized dairy, you can’t do anything to the cows except feed and milk them.

    I love whatever you did to the photograph. It looks like a painting, in a good way. Great light, too.


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