AB One Photo Focus: August

London Eye Kent@0,1x

Good morning from a very snow battered Hastings.  Sorry I didn’t get around to all the blogs yesterday but we had a power cut due to heavy snow.  I am out this morning with my camera going down to the market hoping to get some good photos.

This month the original photo was by Robin Kent PhotographybyKent.

London Eye Kent

I had left it to the last minute as per usual so I first added an HDR filter to bring out more details and then played around with the different filters in the Nik Collection and Pixlr.  It didn’t quite end up how I imagined it in my mind but I am still happy with the result.


AB One Photo Focus: August

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13 thoughts on “AB One Photo Focus: August”

  1. There you are! I actually came to comment on Friday but your post wasn’t up. I really like the comment about it looking like a Victorian postcard from an expo. Spot on!

    Your weather is cold; ours here in DC is heading into a four-day stretch of hot and unusually humid weather. Ugh. I think I like yours better 😉


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