Sall D’s Mobile Photography: Macros of a Different Motiv

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Good morning from a cold and showery Hastings day.

This week for Sally’s challenge I decided to do something different.  As we are in winter we don’t have many flowers around.  Well some hardy spring bulbs are starting to poke their heads above the ground.  But they got a real battering with our storm last weekend.

So I was sitting at my computer one day and happened to notice the writing on a vinegar bottle.  So out came the phone and voila…..

IMG_4212.jpg 1@0,1x

Playing around with Pixlr is just so much fun. The filters are just so much fun.  And the overlays add a bit of pizzazz to the images.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Macros

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Animal Friend of the Week: A Regal Cheetah

A Regal Cheetah-


Cheetah are best known for their incredible speeds and are able to reach 100kph in 3 seconds. Their bodies are well adapted for this: they have non-retractable claws, a long heavy tail to help with turning, and they’re much leaner than other big cats.

In the wild 

IUCN: Vulnerable

Cheetah may be fast, but they’re non-confrontational animals and regularly have their kills stolen by other big cats.

They’re also incredibly vulnerable to conflict with farmers, as they are seen as a threat to their livestock and can be shot as a result.

Wellington Zoo contributes to their conservation by supporting Cheetah Outreach’s Livestock Guarding Dog Project – an initiative that works to resolve Cheetah and human conflict in South African farmlands by training Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to chase wild Cheetah away from the livestock they protect, ensuring the cats’ survival.

Wellington Zoo

Animal Friend of the Week Challenge Logo-

I want to showcase our animal kingdom.  It runs from Tuesday New Zealand time and is weekly.  You can join in anytime at all over the week.  You can post your furry friends (babies), wild animals, birds, insects and butterflies.  Even reptiles are welcome.

Just use this logo and link back to this blog.

I look forward to seeing all the different animals around the world

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