WPC: Old MacDonald had a Farm

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Good morning from a slightly warmer Hastings morning.

After all the bad weather last weekend and mishaps with my knitting it is time to have some fun.  from The Daily Post has challenged us to find some fun photos.  So here are some photos from Wellington Zoo.

This is MacDonald’s Farm.  Here children can learn where our food comes from.

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My daughter and her flatmate had a lot of FUN going around and opening everything up.

Wellington 1 1285@0,1x

And I mean everything.

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Actually it really was a lot of fun here.

Wellington 1 1272@0,1x

I think my favourite animal just has to be the sheep.

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Being a knitter myself I thought this was a fun way to show how important sheep was to our lives.

The Daily Post: Fun

PS  I am having a  lot, and I mean a lot of problems with WP at the moment.  It is hard for me to comment too much.  So please don’t be offended if I don’t admire your work so much as before.  I think it is because of, as my son says, bloatware.  In other words those related reading thingys that they put underneath the image or what ever means that it takes forever to load.  So come on WP we really don’t need all that.