One Word Photo Challenge: Clothes


Good morning from a cool but sunny morning here in Hastings.

Today for Jennifer’s challenge I thought I might show some of what I have been selling at the market. I have a knitting machine and knit baby outfits – sweaters, singlets[vests] and some supporters outfits for our All Blacks.  At present I am knitting a large sweater with alpaca wool (and it is so warm) for a customer.  Once I started knitting these I started selling them which is good.  I have a busy day today finishing off this sweater.

Then I have to clean up.  My son demolished my storage room while looking for my Time Capsule.  Everything now sits in the middle of the lounge.  It is time to go through everything to see what I have and see what I can sell in a bargain bin.  Anything to earn more money.

So I hope everyone has a good day and I will catch up with you tomorrow.

One Word Photo Challenge: Clothes