WPC: Rare Art Deco Vintage Cars

Feb 2016 1 865@0,1x

Good Morning from a very wet and miserable Hastings day here.  We needed rain and we are certainly getting it.

So, an update on my WordPress woes.  I was told to use the app instead of the Internet version.  And that works.  No more bloatware.  Quick and responsive.  Not sure that I am that keen on writing posts with it.  I suppose I will get used to it- eventually. Actually no, I had to go to the Internet version for this post in the end. But the reader is definitely an improvement.

Anyway onto much happier times.  more specifically our Art Deco Weekend last February.  Some wonderful rare vintage cars from the 1930’s.

Feb 2016 1 867@0,1xFeb 2016 1 854@0,1x

It really is a photographers paradise. A case of where do you point the camera.

The Daily Post: Rare


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