8 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: A New Day”

  1. She was wonderful. Too bad her husband cheated on her. When he was dying, and they told her he didn’t have long, she said she wouldn’t go in by him. She told them to send the other woman in there to hold his hand. I loved her for that.


    1. Actually they are a New Zealand cabbage tree. Known to Māori as tī kōuka, the tree was used as a source of food, particularly in the South Island, where it was cultivated in areas where other crops would not grow. It provided durable fibre for textiles, anchor ropes, fishing lines, baskets, waterproof rain capes and cloaks, and sandals. Hardy and fast growing, C. australis is widely planted in New Zealand gardens, parks and streets, and numerous cultivars are available. I love taking photos of them as they are so interesting


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