September One Photo Focus

September 2016 One Photo Focus.jpg 1@0,1x

This month we are editing this great image taken by Stacy.  As soon as I saw this it screamed vintage to me.  So I decided to explore the Nik Analog effects and used the wet plate camera.  I can’t tell you exactly what I did as I just went by what I felt was right for the image.

To add the old film effect I imported it to Pixlr and voila.


September 2016 One Photo Focus

AB One Photo Focus: September

There are some wonderful editing this month.  Very creative.

Thanks for visiting.  Must rush.  Enjoy your weekend.

WPC: Reflections of Nature

Spring time. 163

Good morning from a beautiful sunny spring day here in Hastings.

On the first day of spring I went to Cornwall Park to take more interesting photos than the sunrises and sunsets that I seem to have focused on this winter.  It was a stunning warm day.  No wind and the reflections were perfect.

Spring time. 138

I took a lot of photos of these sparrows taking a bath in the sun.

Spring time. 876

This may not look like reflections but the surface of the water was reflected on the bottom of this pond with the clear water.

The Daily Post: Mirror

This week, show us a mirror. You can take this photo challenge literally, and find reflections in mirrors, or in the stillness of a natural body of water. Live in an urban area? Some skyscrapers are beautifully reflective of the cityscape around them. Or, use this challenge to take a photo of yourself in the mirror. Self-documentation is important, especially for those of us who are usually behind the lens. Enjoy!

I have a very busy weekend so please excuse me if I can’t get to all your posts at all.

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