Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Cornwall Park in Silk Painting


Good morning from a cool spring morning here in Hastings.

I am really loving the Pixlr app.  I am experimenting more with the different effects.  Yesterday’s post was edited with this app.  I had edited the image fist in Photoshop.  Well actually I had an appointment last week and I had to wait a bit.  But  I didn’t mind as there was an old photo magazine there.  And there were some great Photoshop tutorials in it which I managed to write down.

I still ended up in Pixlr and used a double exposure filter to add some colour in the poppy after I had edited it as B & W.

Anyway back to today.  I know that America is still celebrating their Labour Day, while here in the future we are now well into Tuesday.  Which for me means it is time for Sally’s mobile photography challenge.

This photo was taken in Cornwall Park.  So I played around in Pixlr to get this painted effect.  I  added a couple of other filters to soften the edges before adding this silk filter.  It gives a more painterly feel to the image.

For more info on this great challenge check out Sally’s blog:

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Nature

8 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Cornwall Park in Silk Painting”

  1. Raewyn, that image is lyrical. The tips of the tree is a rose hue, which adds a perfect dimension to carry the eye up to the clouds. Your experimentation is definitely working. Pixar offers so many possibilities, which I still must try. Happy Photo Challenge.


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