Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White Landscapes


Good morning from a cool and cloudy spring day here in Hastings.

This morning when I checked my emails I noticed that I had just got another 10 followers on Viewbug. I went back over my first photos that I had uploaded and it was interesting seeing just how much my photography had changed.  I have kept the essence but am now more adventurous.  But also new software is readily available to challenge us to do more with our photos.

At the moment my go to app for my iPhone is Pixlr.  There is so much to it and I find that I know where I want to go with the images.  They may not be the best quality but I use that to my advantage.  At least I hope so.

So first up is this shot of the large moon that I saw going down to Otane last Sunday.  I had left my Nikon at home, and so it was out with my iPhone 6S.  I edited that image as a charcoal/pencil image. Then I framed it but wanted to show that vintage look, as if the pencil drawing had really seen some bad times.


Whereas with this image I just wanted the lines to be the focal point.


And finally this was just a basic conversion to monochrome.  I like the way the cows contrast against the sky and grass.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Black & White

Thanks for visiting.


11 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White Landscapes”

  1. Hi Raewyn; I was thinking much the same as Janet. I love these images.

    I like Pixlr too, though I’m definitely going through a Stackables phase. I’m interested in your thoughts on ViewBug. I joined, but really haven’t bothered to load many photos or do much with it. What do you feel are the benefits? I tend to just load photos on Instagram (and Flickr when I remember), but I think I have so many social media accounts, I can’t keep up with them all.


    1. I join the competitions for fun. But it is nice to get some feedback with the likes and peer awards. There are some amazing photos there to get inspiration from. I joined when it first started up and have had a couple of awards. Like I said in my post it is like seeing my progress as well. I find it hard to keep up with all my social media accounts. Very time consuming. The market is now taking up a lot of my time – I am starting to sell my work – mostly my knitwear as well as taking care of the social media for it as well. The market is becoming more popular thanks to the social media presence.

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  2. It is great to hear that your market is doing well, Raewyn! So you are selling photography and knitwear? I must tell my cousin from Wellington to say hello when she visits Hastings next. She is a former Hastings girl who loves to visit Rush Munroes! I will also have to check out that app Pixlr. That is one I haven’t tried yet. The recent full moon was incredible wasn’t it. The largest moon for 150 years, is that right?


  3. Raewyn, it’s a good feeling to personally “see” how one’s creative efforts are evolving I agree with Janet and Su. Also, your set has a vintage quality to it, which adds to the overall appeal. Happy Photo Challenge.


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