One Word Photo Challenge: My Knitting Machine


Good morning from a very wet and miserable Hastings day.

Last December I joined the market down in Otane.  Lately it has just taken off for me.  I am getting a reputation for fine knitting. And that is because I use a 2 ply knitting machine.  That means I can knit very fine garments such as this one I knitted up yesterday.


I then crochet the band to add my own signature to it.  As you can see the wool is very fine and the baby jacket is so light.  I think that 2 ply is also called fingerling in the US.

These sell for $20 each.  I have started to go through my mother’s wool and using that.  All throughout my childhood my mother would knit with her knitting machine.  She also worked for a shop.  Every Thursday night we would eat takeaways as she had to sew everything up, ready for Friday.

I come from a very crafty family.

My entry for Jennifer’s challenge this week which is crafts.

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