Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Reflections at the Pekapeka Wetlands


Good morning from a cool and cloudy Hastings day.

Yes, I am back.  It was a hectic few weeks and I am glad that the work is over.  I had to make 5 bow ties, 1 normal tie and do 5 dressmaid alterations all over the past couple of weeks.  I was still working right up until 6 pm last Thursday on the dresses.  Two of the zips broke as well so I had to replace them.  Sigh.  But the reward was to spend the weekend down in Wellington with my daughter.  She turns 21 next week but my son and I went down to spend this long weekend with her.  I had a fabulous day alone with her at Zealandia observing the native birds and going for a very, very long walk.

I must thank everyone for their wonderful comments on my Monochrome of the Day.  There is a new version of Topaz Textures available with some fantastic new filters.  So I was checking them out with my blooms.  Yesterday I was still in Wellington so the eggs were edited on my iPad with Snapseed. I do appreciate all your support.

This week for Sally’s mobile photography challenge I am showing a photo taken with my iPhone 6s on the road to Otane.  Sometimes the wetlands look amazing very early in the morning with the sunrise.  I just managed to capture this one. Edited with Pixlr.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: On the Road

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