November One Photo Focus


 Julie from Julie Powell Photography has contributed her image for our editing.  


Here is her original image.  I cropped quite heavily to focus on the chair and rose.  I wanted the draping to stay. And of course it was crying out for a vintage edit. So I first edited with Nik Color Efex Pro 4, and then over to Topaz Textures for the peeling paint filter.

It was fun looking at all the other edits too.  Very painted feel this month.

AB Friday: November One Photo Focus

WPC: Chaotic Leaves


Good morning from a cool but sunny Hastings day.

This morning  wants to see our chaotic photos.  Actually my life is a bit chaotic at the moment. So I must apologise if I haven’t been to your blogs this week.  Time……


Just like with building blocks of all types, we’re often under the impression that photography needs to be orderly and neat, and serve some overarching design or idea. What I loved about the brick pit — and my photo of it — is that it embraced the creative potential of disorderly randomness: one huge heap of colorful, pixel-like atoms.

This week, share your own take on chaos, whether it’s the mess in your living room, a busy street crossing, a party on the verge of getting a little out of hand, or any other subject that celebrates a lack of (visual) control.

When I go out into the native bush or parks I love the chaotic pattern of leaves when I zoom in on them, rather than a beautiful tree or whatever. I have lots of photos of chaotic leaves so here are just a few of them.



The Daily Post: Chaos