Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Storm Clouds are Gathering.


Good morning from a stormy Hastings morning.  Last night we had a massive thunderstorm.  This morning it is very gusty but the sun is out.  I think this image is appropriate for all my American blogging friends 1 day out from your election day.  We are feeling it here in New Zealand too.  I have read that ex-pat Kiwis in New York will be moving back home if Donald Trump wins.  Our stock market here is also jittery too.  It is a long 24 hours ahead of the world.

You can read about our concerns at the NZ Herald website.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Nature

6 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Storm Clouds are Gathering.”

  1. I used to read that certain “celebrities” were going to leave the county if President Bush was elected. Ultimately fame and even more, fortune, evidently took priority. I have a feeling there will be much less fallout, at least immediately, than most people imagine. At least I pray so. I’ll be glad when the election is over because of all the depressing things I’ve found out about people as they aired their feelings and those of their friends regarding so many aspects of the election and the candidates. There are many people whom I’ll still like a lot, but will respect much less.

    Love shot, BTW. 🙂



  2. Maybe I’ll move to your beautiful land. I’m in high-anxiety mode. Anyway…your image is a striking painterly landscape. It has a sense of movement and impending notions of storms and torrential rain. Happy Photo Challenge.


  3. Pretty much everyone believes Clinton will win. By how much and what will happen in the senate and house races are much more up in the air. I don’t believe it’s going to be the apocalypse. I sure HOPE not.


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