WPC: Small Things Around Us


Good morning from a cloudy and somewhat damp day here in Hastings.

 from The Daily Post has gone small today.

In this week’s challenge, show us tiny. Capture something at a smaller scale. Create your own miniature scene. Or experiment with the tilt-shift technique — Instagram and other apps have this built-in tool.

You can also interpret the theme in other ways by capturing your favorite tiny things — from your baby’s hands to belongings that are special to you — or documenting a small, quiet moment in your day. Have fun!

So first up is some tiny blue bells nestled among larger leaves.


While at a stopover in Palmerston North I found these tiny ducklings wandering around the town square.  My son was panicking as he thought I would be too engrossed in taking photos that I would miss the bush.  I didn’t of course.


Finally this helicopter looks tiny in the photo.

Sorry that I haven’t been around to all your blogs but have been busy.  Today I am taking a road trip to scout out another market, and then of course I am at Otane tomorrow.  So will catch up with everyone next week.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.

7 thoughts on “WPC: Small Things Around Us”

    1. Hi Marilyn, we are all ok. I am a bit inland so a tsunami won’t affect me. My daughter was alone and scared but went to friends to cope with the aftershocks. I got woken up by the quake – around midnight our time. It lasted a long time, and rather violent. But no structural damage or other damage. Thank goodness.


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