One Word Photo Challenge: Growing out of Dirt


Good morning from a calmer and drier Hastings day.

An update on our earthquake.  We have had over 1500 aftershocks.  Most of them I don’t feel, but the stronger ones are definitely felt. I have the Geonet app on my phone which was going crazy with notifications.  I had to turn them off.  Wellington had a bad day yesterday as some of the buildings are not in good shape around the CBD and then on top of the damage there was a massive storm with lots of rain and flooding.  It never rains, but it pours.  Down in the South Island at the epicentre of the quake it is getting rather dire with food and water running out.  Navy ships should be docking this morning and airlifting supplies to that area. That area is completely cut off from the world.  It is incredible how much damage was done down there.

As to Hastings.  Yesterday we have a very, very windy day. That in itself, is very uneasy as you wonder about any damage done to buildings and also trees and whether the strong winds would just add to the damage.  But nothing happened.  I went out earlier this morning to capture the supermoon and there were a few branches around, blown off the trees.  That was it.  Thank goodness.  As to the supermoon – we have had cloud and rain the past 2 nights so when I got up this morning and saw clear skies I just had to head out.

Thanks again for all your caring comments.  Much appreciated.

Here are some photos for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge.  Some toadstools and mushrooms growing up out of the dirt.



Finally some seed pods lying in the dirt among these tree roots.

One Word Photo Challenge: Dirt

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