Cee’s Oddball Challenge: New Zealand Authors

Transformer Books-

Good morning from a cold but still sunny day here in Hastings.  The weather is expected to turn so it is a good day to work on my photos and knitting.

We have a group of wonderful artists here in Hastings.  All the transformer boxes have been painted with appropriate designs such as this one outside our library.  The novels are all well known New Zealand authors, including my cousin Alan Duff who wrote the novel ‘Once Were Warriers’.  Other boxes are painted as packages, complete with stamp outside the Postshop and native birds near a park. It just makes a necessary but boring box into a work of art.

Great for Cee’s oddball challenge.

Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 26


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Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Not Ready Yet

Not ready-

Good morning from a slightly warmer Hastings morning.

Since I am in the future (it is Monday here), it is time for my oddball photo for Cee’s great challenge.

This was taken at the community garden in Havelock North.  I think the sign was referring to the onions.  It makes me think that the ground is one giant oven or something and cooking the onions to perfection.


Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 25

Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge:

Strange reflection-

Good morning from a cool and windy Hastings day.  Yesterday I took some amazing photos on the way down to Otane – you can check them out here.

But this image was taken last Friday.  I love churches – especially stained glass windows.  Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside which would have been great as it was closed during the day due to vandalism.  But we could still take photos around the outside and when I went through my photos afterwards I found this image of a window that looked a bit spooky.

What do you think it looks like?

Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 24


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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: Some River Fun

River Fun-

Good morning from a very frosty but sunny day here in Hastings.

I am a lot later than normal.  Today is Queen’s Birthday for us.  Actually Queen Elizabeth celebrates her real birthday in April but we have a day off for it on the first Monday in June. You can find out a bit more about this day off here.

Anyway here is an image that would have been very popular before the PC brigade marched in. I didn’t notice this rope until I got home and uploaded my images from Pakowhai Park last week.  A beautiful serene setting and then this rope.  I wonder how long it has been hanging there, and then who put it there, and did the children or adult have a lot of fun?

Great oddball for Cee’s great challenge where we showcase all those great photos that don’t fit into any category.

Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 23


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Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Sorry, Out of Order

Sorry, out of order-

Good morning from a cool and cloudy Hastings day.

Here in the future it is already Monday.  While Cee hosts this challenge on the Sunday.  Very confusing.  That is an oddball in itself.

So, onto my image for this week.  Last week when we were filling up the car with petrol (gas) we found this sign over the EFTPOS unit.  I thought it was rather cool.  Better than the out of order signs.


Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 22

Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: The School Bus

School Bus-

Good morning from a freezing Hastings morning.  New Zealand got it’s first snowfall of the winter over the weekend.  Good news for the ski fields, bad news for us winterphobes.  Yesterday it was cold at the market, but I was warm wandering around taking photos to upload onto our Facebook page – I am the social media queen.

Anyway each time I drive down to Otane, I see this great sign.  I have always made a note to myself to take a photo of it.  So yesterday I took my time driving down.  In other words I stopped every few miles to take photos.  (That is why I have to take a bus to Wellington – it would take me a week to get there, lol.).  The light was great but I had my Tamron 18 – 270 lens on.  So I was disappointed with the quality of the photos.  It won’t focus with the maximum zoom length.  Even though the camera was rested on the car.  It is not camera shake, just poor focusing.  I can’t use manual focus as I have trouble seeing it.  So I will just have to change lens and do it all over again next Sunday.

Anyway.. A bit thanks to Cee for highlighting my family of bags last week – check out the post here.


Go and check out her fabulous photos – they are amazing.

Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 21

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Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge: Around Hastings

Family of Bags
Family of Bags

Good morning from a warmish and sunny Hastings day.

Yes, I am back.  After a few days of no food it is nice to be able to eat again.  I think I must have slept most of the day on Saturday, while yesterday I started to feel a lot better.  I was given some electrolyte solution – when you are feeling sick this didn’t make it any better.  So I sent my son out for some sports drink – I managed those a lot better.  So now I can get back to normal.  Thanks to all those good wishes and likes on my photos.  I really appreciate them all.

So onto Cee‘s Oddball Challenge where we showcase our photos that we like, but they just don’t fit into a category.  So here are some more colourful photos from around the CBD here in Hastings.

First up is father bag, mother bag and two children.  All tied together so that they don’t get lost.

Hopeful for some rain
Hopeful for some rain

Some sturdy umbrellas.


Colourful silk flowers
Colourful silk flowers

And some colourful silk flowers with glitter on them.


Photos by Emilio


Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Week 20

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