Five Photos, Five Stories: A Regal Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly-506

I love monarch butterflies.  There is something so regal about them.

When I was growing up we had a huge swan plant.  I mean it was really big.  Every year we eagerly awaited the arrival of the butterflies to lay their eggs. Then we would count them all and watch them hatch.  We watched them grow so fast and the plant being stripped of it’s leaves and the swans.  Then when they had turned themselves into chrysalises we would gently cut the branch that they were hanging on, put them into mason jars and take them to school.  It was always so exciting to see the butterflies emerging.  If someone had noticed one hatching we would all stop what we were doing and watch it happening. This was our nature lesson.  Never mind the maths class.  This was way more exciting.

We found it amazing that the caterpillars could crawl so far to find a safe haven to turn into their chrysalis forms.  We would find them up under the eaves of the house and trees several feet away.  It was a favourite pastime for us kids to hunt down new chrysalises in new far away places.

My children were also fascinated by the life cycle of these beautiful butterflies.  I think this is because we can really follow them from egg to butterfly.

Now the regal butterflies are in decline.  We need to make sure we have plants that would encourage them.

This is my last story for this challenge.  As part of this challenge I want to nominate Amy from The World Is a Book… Her photos are amazing.  So Amy all you need to do is post a photo a day for five days with a story, poem or something to go with it.  And then nominate another blogger to do the same.  No obligation.

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Five Photos, Five Stories: A Bee’s Story

A Busy Bee-517

I’m just minding my business.  Actually my life is my business.  I am a busy bee.  My job is to fly from plant to plant and pollinate everything I touch.  At this time of the year the nectar just seems to be so yummy and irresistible.  There is so much to put into the hive to feed our queen.

At least here in this park there are no pesticides.  Now that is hard to spot.  I have seen so many of my friends pass away from this – Tom, Dick and Harry were especially close to me.

Why can’t these big clumsy humans realise that we are the most vital creatures on this earth.  Without us there will be no grasses, no crops, no food.  We pollinate the blossoms that grow into their fruit and foods that they eat.

Those big clumsy humans think they are the most intelligent creatures on this earth.  But us humble bees will have the last say.  When we are not around, they won’t be around either.

So my plea to you big oaf with the strange looking object in your face, is to pass on this message to your fellow humans.  So that Tom, Dick and Harry and others don’t die in vain.


This is for two challenges.  The first one is for Marilyn’s new challenge at  SERENDIPITY where we get to write a story with our photos.

I was also nominated by Emilio at  Photos by Emilio and as part of this challenge I would like nominate Carol from Light Words.  All you need to do Carol is write a story to go with your photo and then nominate another blogger each day.  Your photos are so great.  No obligation.


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Five Photos, Five Stories: The Golden Hour

Glowing Golden Leaves-179

Every day the leaves are changing colours.  Every day the trees are becoming barer.  Every day the light is different.  Autumn has shown it’s colourful side.  This year it has been amazing.  The light has touched the trees and made them glow.  Catching this glow has been hard.  It is a work in progress.

With each shutter click you hope that you will capture that amazing photo.  You place the tripod in readiness for a great dawn.  You sometimes sleep in and then you beat yourself up for possibly missing the most amazing light.  Especially when you see the remnants of the wonderful sunrise.

You rush out in your pyjamas and bed hair.  The coffee can wait.  What is important is capturing that amazing light and clouds.  Then you wait until the sun is actually up and the light just makes the golden leaves glow.  Then you press the shutter like a madman.  Holding your breath.

The light fades as the sun is fully risen.  You come inside and the craving for your coffee hits you.  But you can’t wait.  It is more important to upload your photos.  Then you find that the exposures are wrong – you had the settings for another, brighter time of the day.  Sighing you go and get your coffee.

Tomorrow it starts all over again.

Watching for that elusive capture.

This is for this challenge.  I was nominated by Emilio at Photos by Emilio for this challenge.  So today I would like to nominate Aletta from nowathome.  She has some amazing photos, with my favourites being her oddball challenge photos.  No obligation Aletta.

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One Four Challenge: February Week 4

Dandelion Week 4 GIMP edits (605x800)

For this week I have used the advice of Ben at Ben’s Aperture64 and did some editing in GIMP.  Not as easy to navigate as Photoshop but for this I used the brush to get rid of that glare in the top of the dandelion.  Plus I also darkened the stem so that the focus is on the axctual dandelions heading off.  I am not sure if I was successful so any constructive criticism is welcome.

Here is the original


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Here is a poll to see which one is the best edit.


Orange Salamander Part IV

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Phoneography Challenge: Nature

Double Delight in full glory (606x800)

Good morning from another grey and wet Hastings.

So to brighten up my day and everyone else’s here is a bright cheery photo of the double delight rose – yet again.  I know I have posted a lot of photos of these roses, but I just love them.

For more info on this challenge here is Sally’s link:

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