One Word Photo Challenge: Computer Keyboard

Computer 003@0,1x

Good morning from a cool but so so day here.  Tomorrow is the first day of spring.  So I shall be going out to search for some blossoms and other signs of spring.

But my image today for Jennifer’s challenge is indoors.  To be exact my laptop keyboard.  So a thoroughly modern image edited in a vintage effect thanks to the Nik Collection.  It makes me wonder what computers will be like in 100 years time.  Will the keyboard still be the same or even obsolet? Just as in Star Trek where we talk to the computer.  Or will it be walking computers such as R2D2 or C3PO?

Food for thought.

One Word Photo Challenge: Computer


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One Word Photo Challenge: A Golden Start to the Day



A Foggy Morning 092@0,1x

Good morning from a damp coolish morning here in Hastings.

I am an early bird – it has just gone 6 AM, and I love seeing the colours emerge as the sun comes up.  The golden hour is glorious.  Especially so when I go down to Otane on Sundays.  The light is always amazing and the colours just pop and as I now am driving down with a friend I can have my camera out while she drives.  So here a just a couple of beautiful golden colourful moments.

On the Road 119@0,1x

On the Road 128@0,1x

The colour on these trees is literally this colour.

One Word Photo Challenge: Colour


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One Word Photo Challenge: Clothes


Good morning from a cool but sunny morning here in Hastings.

Today for Jennifer’s challenge I thought I might show some of what I have been selling at the market. I have a knitting machine and knit baby outfits – sweaters, singlets[vests] and some supporters outfits for our All Blacks.  At present I am knitting a large sweater with alpaca wool (and it is so warm) for a customer.  Once I started knitting these I started selling them which is good.  I have a busy day today finishing off this sweater.

Then I have to clean up.  My son demolished my storage room while looking for my Time Capsule.  Everything now sits in the middle of the lounge.  It is time to go through everything to see what I have and see what I can sell in a bargain bin.  Anything to earn more money.

So I hope everyone has a good day and I will catch up with you tomorrow.

One Word Photo Challenge: Clothes

One Word Photo Challenge: Cityscape

Around the Library 428@0,1x

Good morning from another cold and damp night here in Hastings. We are just so soggy.  Driving around everywhere you can still see some surface flooding after last weekend’s storm.  I couldn’t see the ranges – there was heavy clouds hanging around.

So it was nice to go back to a warmer and friendlier day with this week’s challenge hosted by Jennifer

This is a hands on exhibition at the Hastings Art Gallery.  It consisted of white lego bricks and everyone was invited to build a city.

Around the Library 446@0,1x

It was amazing to see how creative people – mostly children, can be when playing around with lego.

Around the Library 442@0,1x

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One Word Photo Challenge: Circus – Warning Freaky Image

Wellington 1 769@0,1x

Good morning from another chilly Hastings day.

This week Jennifer has given us the word circus.  I have put a warning on this image as it is soooo freaky.  I think that this was once in a circus and was donated to Te Papa Museum.  I have been waiting to be able to use this image but it had to be for the right challenge.  Rest assured it won’t be used again.  My son didn’t even like looking at it.

One Word Photo Challenge: Circus



One Word Photo Challenge: Mother and Children

Cornwall Park 08.04.2016 254@0,1x

Good morning from another chilly Hastings day.  Hopefully the day will be nice – it is sunny.

This week Jennifer’s prompt is child.  I really don’t like posting images of children at all, and my own children get too embarrassed if I use their photos too often.  But I love taking photos of ducklings.  And these were just too cute for words.


One Word Photo Challenge: Child

One Word Photo Challenge: Chickens (or Rooster)

Sunday Market 168@0,1x

Good morning from a cool, but so far sunny Hastings day.  Overnight it had rained heavily. Hopefully that has passed.  When I got up this morning I noticed we had a full moon shinning through the trees.  So I was out in my pjs taking photos – as you do.

Full Moon and sunsets 096.jpg 1@0,1x

So I had some fun with editing as you can see.  It was rather spooky. But the possibilities with editing are endless. It was  a matter of when to stop.

Anyway onto the One Word photo.  This rooster along with it’s mates were roaming free at a rest stop on the main highway to Otane.


One Word Photo Challenge: Chicken