One Word Photo Challenge: Cityscape

Around the Library 428@0,1x

Good morning from another cold and damp night here in Hastings. We are just so soggy.  Driving around everywhere you can still see some surface flooding after last weekend’s storm.  I couldn’t see the ranges – there was heavy clouds hanging around.

So it was nice to go back to a warmer and friendlier day with this week’s challenge hosted by Jennifer

This is a hands on exhibition at the Hastings Art Gallery.  It consisted of white lego bricks and everyone was invited to build a city.

Around the Library 446@0,1x

It was amazing to see how creative people – mostly children, can be when playing around with lego.

Around the Library 442@0,1x

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One Word Photo Challenge: Circus – Warning Freaky Image

Wellington 1 769@0,1x

Good morning from another chilly Hastings day.

This week Jennifer has given us the word circus.  I have put a warning on this image as it is soooo freaky.  I think that this was once in a circus and was donated to Te Papa Museum.  I have been waiting to be able to use this image but it had to be for the right challenge.  Rest assured it won’t be used again.  My son didn’t even like looking at it.

One Word Photo Challenge: Circus



One Word Photo Challenge: Mother and Children

Cornwall Park 08.04.2016 254@0,1x

Good morning from another chilly Hastings day.  Hopefully the day will be nice – it is sunny.

This week Jennifer’s prompt is child.  I really don’t like posting images of children at all, and my own children get too embarrassed if I use their photos too often.  But I love taking photos of ducklings.  And these were just too cute for words.


One Word Photo Challenge: Child

One Word Photo Challenge: Chickens (or Rooster)

Sunday Market 168@0,1x

Good morning from a cool, but so far sunny Hastings day.  Overnight it had rained heavily. Hopefully that has passed.  When I got up this morning I noticed we had a full moon shinning through the trees.  So I was out in my pjs taking photos – as you do.

Full Moon and sunsets 096.jpg 1@0,1x

So I had some fun with editing as you can see.  It was rather spooky. But the possibilities with editing are endless. It was  a matter of when to stop.

Anyway onto the One Word photo.  This rooster along with it’s mates were roaming free at a rest stop on the main highway to Otane.


One Word Photo Challenge: Chicken

One Word Photo Challenge: Chameleon

Wellington 2 055-Edit@0,1x

Good morning from a  cold Hastings morning.  Winter has now arrived for us and after the long summer and virtually no autumn it is hard to get used to.  So, to give us something to look forward to, the Women’s Centre is entering a float for our annual blossom parade in September. We are celebrating the fact that women got the vote on 19th September 1893.  So we are all going as suffragettes.  That means corsets, long skirts and big floral hats.  So yesterday we had a meeting to plan what we will be doing.  Our colours are the suffragette colours of purple for dignity, white for purity and green for hope. So something to look forward to in the spring.

Suffrage and beyond

On 19 September 1893 the governor, Lord Glasgow, signed a new Electoral Act into law. As a result of this landmark legislation, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

In most other democracies – including Britain and the United States – women did not win the right to the vote until after the First World War. New Zealand’s world leadership in women’s suffrage became a central part of our image as a trail-blazing ‘social laboratory’.

NZ Women’s Suffrage movement.

About this photo.  The One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer really is a challenge in the true sense of the word.  This week it is chameleon.  Now, where to find a chameleon here in New Zealand.  I just didn’t know what image to use.  In the end I chose this image taken at Wellington Zoo.  The window reflections are hiding the chimpanzee. Well, sort of.


One Word Photo Challenge: Chameleon



One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling

Ceiling lights

Good morning from a dark and foggy day here in Hastings.

This week Jennifer is looking upwards.  To the ceiling.  So I found these lights hanging from the ceiling in a lighting store.  I love taking photos there.  Maybe it is the bling affect.  Don’t know, but I am fascinated by the different kinds of lighting.

One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling

One Word Photo Challenge: Cats in the Window


Cats in the Window
Cats in the Window

Good morning from a cold and dark Hastings morning.  We are expecting a lot of rain today which is a relief as we are very dry.  I was just reading that this year so far has been the warmest on record.  Scary reading – I can see us turning into Mad Max territory where we will be fighting over water – not to mention all the wildfires in California. So keep safe everyone.

This week Jennifer is asking us for our cat photos.  Well, I do have a lot of photos of my parents cats Socks and Pusspuss.  But I thought this photo was cuter.  One week, while walking around Hastings we found these cat ornaments in the window. Aren’t they just soooo c


One Word Photo Challenge: Cat

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One Word Photo Challenge: Final Work of Art

Cardboard images-

Good morning from a warmer and wetter Hastings day.  It is now 7.30 AM and it is still dark.  So yesterday we had the winter solstice so now, our days should be slowly getting longer and the nights shorter. So far it hasn’t been to bad this winter.  But it really is early days yet.  I have been reading of fires in California, storms in Australia and gypsy moth invasions in Massachusetts so I am grateful to be living here.

So, onto this weeks challenge hosted by Jennifer.  This got me a bit stumped until I remembered that I have finally finished my artwork for our local Fruitgrower’s Association art competition just yesterday – I hand it in sometime this week.

It is called ‘Blossom to Table” and is made up of photos edited in my usual vintage way and then printed on some cardboard, before I painted over them with acrylic paints.

Cardboard images 1-

The work didn’t quite end up as I envisaged.  The branch that I had, didn’t dry out enough in time so it was quite heavy to use.  So I found another piece of aged wood and then brought some wider burlap.  I sewed them together and then punched holes in the cardboard images (the needle would go through the cardboard) and sewed them onto the burlap.  I wanted a vintage feel to the work as a whole.

Cardboard images 2-

I have posted these images on my Monochrome of the Day.  But seeing them printed out and then painted has really brought them alive.

Now I have to pack them up to hand in.  Wish me luck.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cardboard

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One Word Photo Challenge: Candid Shots

Candid Parents-

Good morning from another cold and frosty Hastings day.

This week Jennifer has given us the word candid.  I don’t normally take candid photos of people.  Just not my thing.  But I did find this photo of my parents taken back in November last year at a market where I helped them. I love the way my mother looks up to Dad.


One Word Photo Challenge: Candid

One Word Photo Challenge: Camera


Good morning from another cold and frosty morning. So I slept in today.  Well actually I couldn’t get up from my warm and cosy bed.

This week Jennifer has asked us for photos of cameras. So here is my old Nikon taken with my cell phone.  I love the reflection on the lens.


One Word Photo Challenge: Camera

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