Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Macro Tools


Good morning from a shaky and stormy Hastings day.

An update – we are having hundreds of aftershocks.  Here in Hastings I am only feeling the stronger ones now.  Down in Wellington my daughter is getting freaked out by them all.  Wellington is closer to the epicentre so that the aftershocks are definitely stronger.  The biggest worry now is that a bad storm is heading towards us.  Just what we don’t need.

A big thank you to all who were concerned for me yesterday.  I didn’t realise that our earthquake made headline news around the world.  I really do appreciate all your loving thoughts.

So while looking at images for my post today I was thinking about all the photos that have been posted on all the damage.  Our Prime Minister, John Key has estimated that the repair costs are in the billions.  The damage is more widespread this time, than the big one in Christchurch in 2011.

Earthquake Updates

So I thought of tools.  Well actually my embroidery scissors.  I know that they will not even come close to repairing the damage.


With this second photo I added a brick overlay.  We will rebuild our country brick by brick.


And sew our country together with threads holding communities together.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Macro

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Storm Clouds are Gathering.


Good morning from a stormy Hastings morning.  Last night we had a massive thunderstorm.  This morning it is very gusty but the sun is out.  I think this image is appropriate for all my American blogging friends 1 day out from your election day.  We are feeling it here in New Zealand too.  I have read that ex-pat Kiwis in New York will be moving back home if Donald Trump wins.  Our stock market here is also jittery too.  It is a long 24 hours ahead of the world.

You can read about our concerns at the NZ Herald website.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Nature

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Spooky Photo Montage


Good morning from November the First – a new month and not long to Christmas (sigh).  Why did I say the date? Well everywhere I see spooky Halloween images.  We don’t celebrate Halloween much here in New Zealand.  When I think of Halloween I think of ET.  For some reason unknown.

But that doesn’t mean that I can have fun with photo montages and producing a suitable spooky image.  As usual I edited this image in Pixlr. The first image was some branches and then I overlaid another macro image – which I won’t tell what it is as I will show that at a later date.  Then I played around with the overlays to get a spooky night scene.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Photomontage

It is the fifth Monday of the month where we do get to be very creative with our editing.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Reflections at the Pekapeka Wetlands


Good morning from a cool and cloudy Hastings day.

Yes, I am back.  It was a hectic few weeks and I am glad that the work is over.  I had to make 5 bow ties, 1 normal tie and do 5 dressmaid alterations all over the past couple of weeks.  I was still working right up until 6 pm last Thursday on the dresses.  Two of the zips broke as well so I had to replace them.  Sigh.  But the reward was to spend the weekend down in Wellington with my daughter.  She turns 21 next week but my son and I went down to spend this long weekend with her.  I had a fabulous day alone with her at Zealandia observing the native birds and going for a very, very long walk.

I must thank everyone for their wonderful comments on my Monochrome of the Day.  There is a new version of Topaz Textures available with some fantastic new filters.  So I was checking them out with my blooms.  Yesterday I was still in Wellington so the eggs were edited on my iPad with Snapseed. I do appreciate all your support.

This week for Sally’s mobile photography challenge I am showing a photo taken with my iPhone 6s on the road to Otane.  Sometimes the wetlands look amazing very early in the morning with the sunrise.  I just managed to capture this one. Edited with Pixlr.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: On the Road

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Photomontage of Hawke’s Bay


Good morning from a cool and cloudy Hastings day.

This week I have used photos from driving home from Otane a couple of weeks ago.  We had a beautiful morning at the market but about 15 minutes before we were due to finish a heavy storm came over with thunder and lightning.  We moved very fast to pack up.

On the way home there was a lot of heavy cloud formation.  So what do you do? Get the cellphone out and take photos.


Edited with Pixlr of course with their filters as overlays.  It is interesting to find the right filters for the image that compliments it.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Photomontage

I will be stepping back from my blogging for a few weeks.  I have some bridesmaid dress alterations to do as well as more knitting, so have a few full weeks ahead.  I will be doing my monochrome of the day but nothing much else.

Take care everyone.  Catch up with you soon


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White Landscapes


Good morning from a cool and cloudy spring day here in Hastings.

This morning when I checked my emails I noticed that I had just got another 10 followers on Viewbug. I went back over my first photos that I had uploaded and it was interesting seeing just how much my photography had changed.  I have kept the essence but am now more adventurous.  But also new software is readily available to challenge us to do more with our photos.

At the moment my go to app for my iPhone is Pixlr.  There is so much to it and I find that I know where I want to go with the images.  They may not be the best quality but I use that to my advantage.  At least I hope so.

So first up is this shot of the large moon that I saw going down to Otane last Sunday.  I had left my Nikon at home, and so it was out with my iPhone 6S.  I edited that image as a charcoal/pencil image. Then I framed it but wanted to show that vintage look, as if the pencil drawing had really seen some bad times.


Whereas with this image I just wanted the lines to be the focal point.


And finally this was just a basic conversion to monochrome.  I like the way the cows contrast against the sky and grass.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Black & White

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Up Close and Personal with a Fungi


Good morning from sunny spring day here in Hastings. Yesterday I was in short sleeves for the first time this spring.

Just down the road from my home is this tree stump.  On it was a fungal growth – and yes it was this colour.  So I went for a walk with my cellphone and got up close and personal with it.  I don’t know what anyone passing but would have thought about my derriere up in the air.  I don’t care.  I got my images.

Edited in Pixlr.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography: Macro

PS: Sorry if I haven’t replied to your wonderful comments but I have been rather busy lately’

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