Sunday Stills: Groups of Birds


Ed from Sunday Stills has asked us for groups of birds.  First up is a group of black shags.


Some ducklings.

Fighting over the bread

And some sparrows fighting with a mynah over some bread.


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Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Sunday Stills Circles

Dirt circles-167

Good morning from a cool and cloudy Hastings day.  We are now officially in winter.  In just 3 weeks we will have the winter solstice and the frosts will only be getting stronger.  So one day, or several days I must drag myself out for some sunrises in the frosts.  At least they are later in the morning.  The downside is the freezing cold, and keeping the camera battery warm.

My photo for both Ed at Sunday Stills and Cee at Cee’s Photography‘s challenges was taken last Friday with my social snappers group.  We were walking around and generally enjoying ourselves when I came across these circles in the ground.  As these were under a tree I figured that they weren’t made by little alien spaceships.  Not like the corn field circles around the world.

The cause was actually more mundane than aliens.  Everyday there is a group of men doing tai chi under this tree.  Out of respect for them I didn’t take a photo of them doing their exercises.  But walking under the tree after they had gone I had noticed these circles that they left while shuffling their feet.



Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 22

Jolly Old Troll

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Sunday Stills: Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine-608

Yesterday it snowed here in Napier, which is very unusual.  Normally we have a very temperate climate.  Snow on the distant ranges is generally  all we see.

So when I was down at the stables visiting the ponies I noticed how low the snow really was.  So I went for a drive around our countryside to see what i could find.  Actually it was more wine country around the southwest of Hastings.  Row upon row of grape vines in various states of autumn colours.

So I thought, ah, the Last of the summer wine – for Eds challenge at Sunday Stills, which this week is the letter L.

Last of the Summer Wine-583

Last of the Summer Wine-550

Last of the Summer Wine-552

Last of the Summer Wine-554


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